Elle Baez Wants No “Pretty Insecurities”

A catchy melody and empowering lyrics power “Pretty Insecurities.”

Elle Baez - Pretty Insecurities

Pretty Insecurities

Elle Baez

A catchy melody and empowering lyrics power “Pretty Insecurities.”

Latina singer-songwriter, Elle Baez, is captivating her audience with music that is full of personality and self-love messages. The artist mixes positivity with elements of pop, Latin, r&b, jazz, and funk into her work; together, the concoction creates something sweet and modern. Elle’s work and aesthetic have a clear ethos: Be you, be sexy, and above all, be confident. She seems to know exactly what we need to hear sometimes. Elle’s debut EP, Bold Soul, came out last year and received lots of praise. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Elle Baez’s newest hit is the pop-soul track, “Pretty Insecurities.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Pretty Insecurities” is a pop-soul track with a melody that will easily get stuck in your head (That’s what we love about Baez; between melodies and messages, something will stick). Mixing her smooth and slightly-husky vocals with drum beats, “Pretty Insecurities” is just overall a good song. As for lyrically, Elle talks about how social media and Instagram filters can cause insecurities for everyone.

influencers have been helping spread the word about body-positive and self-love. Though women are now much more empowered, they still face these problems, just like Elle herself. Pretty much anyone who has an Instagram account will relate to this song. It reminds us that the journey through self-love is not as simple as we wish. So, stream Elle Baez’s “Pretty Insecurities” to remember you don’t need to be insecure about yourself.

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