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My Love

Rafi Jag

A sweet R&B gem filled with heartfelt declarations of love.

Rafi Jag is a Filipino-Canadian artist who started making music at the age of three. Originally, Jag was into singing at that young age, and from there, he was influenced by his musically inclined family. His work is heavily rooted in R&B. He is also often praised for his unique storytelling style. Jag’s influences include Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. His tunes have received plenty of international recognition and even earned him the title of “Best Male Vocalist of The World.” In addition, he has earned multiple medals at the 23rd World Championships of Performing Arts in Long Beach, California. His impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Rafi Jag’s latest drop is the funky R&B single, “My Love.”

“My Love” infuses contemporary elements with old-school ’80s style R&B for a sexy soundscape that reflects intimacy. Lyrics like “Hey there, baby, why you acting shy? Ooh, you look so sexy. Yeah, you should be mine” and “Let’s make love under the moonlight. The stars are shining bright” offer up these sweet declarations of love. However, the rest of the song is even sweeter when you hear the background. The magical senses are reminiscent of a fairy tale, and the sugar-sweet vibes will leave you starry-eyed. We’re all longing for our own happily ever after, and this embodies that dream. So, stream Rafi Jag’s “My Love” to remember what your love story feels like.

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