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Dissin The Dead

Gucci Mane

This song shows growth from Gucci Mane.

Being a rapper is the second-most dangerous job in the world right now (Being a window cleaner is number one). We expect them to be hard-ass individuals, but also mourn them when they get shot up. Today, Gucci Mane, someone who has had his own brush with death, decided to release “Dissin The Dead,” a track in which he raps about retiring his dark disses.


Throughout the years, in his music, Gucci has mentioned the person he gunned down a few years ago. This song sorta indicates that he won’t do that anymore. With that being said, Gucci still lets the world know that he has his gun cocked in his verses (Beggars can’t be choosers). Aside from the powerful lyrics, “Dissin The Dead” also boasts a classic Gucci hook, a classic 808 Mafia beat, and some pretty hectic flows.

If you think about it, dissing a dead person on a song is pretty wild.


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