Liquor Blind

Nate Kest

A pop track that intimately explores the soul.

Los Angeles-based musician, Nate Kest, is a 22-year-old musician who loves the soul as much as music itself. Growing up, the Detroit native was introduced to yoga at a young age, which ultimately shaped the self-proclaimed “neo-spiritual artist” into the man he is today. In addition to teaching yoga, Kest has been creating songs for more than six years. Instead of separating his two passions, he has combined his meditations and music into a harmonious relationship. Nate’s tracks are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest release is the pop fusion single “Liquor Blind.” The song also features an accompanying short film.

“Liquor Blind” sets the tone for an emotional reflection with a mesmerizing soundscape of pop fusion. There’s really no two ways about it; the soul is open for interpretation in Kest’s latest hit. He talks about the needs and wants of a couple who was deeply connected but is no longer. Lyrics like “Dry those tears inside my eyes. Just remember, at one time, you were bragging about being mine” and “You don’t wanna talk no more, but it don’t sit right. Shorty, I think I’m all you need” reflect on that lingering heartache caused by a former flame. Soulful R&B moments and catchy beats blend well together here to make this sad, but not too sad. This is the perfect and relatable listen for anyone suffering from a broken heart. So, stream Nate Kest’s “Liquor Blind” to learn how liquor can’t help with the worst pain of all.

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