Ally Ahern

A pop song with a few soulful elements.

Los Angeles-based artist, Ally Ahern, is a multi-talented artist who uses her music to share various aspects of herself. As a result, her work explores a variety of topics related to her life experiences, settling somewhere between dramatic moments and fantastical comedy. In addition to her own creations, Ahern has written songs for well-known artists like Kylie Minogue and Tove Stryke. She’s also collaborated with DJs like LVNDSCAPE and Firebeatz. Clearly, Ahern is experienced in many ways of songwriting. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Ally Ahern’s latest drop is the pop single “LONELY ASS B*TCH.” This song is also accompanied by an adorable lyric video and an equally captivating visualizer.

Dreamy pop notes and a sweet, soulful sound mix to make “LONELY ASS B*TCH” the perfect sad girl pop song. It’s meant to soothe all lonely hearts across the world and relates to those who are looking for love with no success. Lyrics like “I see people hold hands on the weekends, while I’m booking tables for one” and “Look, mom, I’ve come far, but where are my real friends? I’m ripping out my heart for people that don’t give a damn” reminisce on the pain that comes from feeling isolated. We all have had those experiences, but Ahern voices them amazingly. “LONELY ASS B*TCH” is one ear-pleasing listen you definitely don’t want to miss, even as your sadness takes over. So, press play on Ally Ahern’s “LONELY ASS B*TCH” when you are feeling just as lonely.

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