Going Live

Nu Deal & Cityboidre (Ft. O. Reynolds)

“Going Live” is a hit.

During the summer, there’s nothing better than these three things: A good drink, a good view, and a good club record that you can vibe to. While I can’t quite give you the first two things that I mentioned, I can tell you about the third. “Going Live” by Nu Deal, Cityboidre, and O. Reynolds is the ultimate club banger. Below, I will tell you why.

The first thing that will catch your attention about “Going Live” is the bass booming/dramatic beat. That s**t will definitely get you hyped up. From there, the trio gifts us with infectious melodic raps, a soulful hook, and most importantly, lyrical content that promotes living life in the most stress-free, carefree, and sexy way. All in all, “Going Live” is a vibe from start to finish.

Give “Going Live” a shot below.