Times Is Rough

Black Soprano Family, Benny The Butcher & DJ Premier (Ft. Heem B$F & Rick Hyde)

If times are rough for Benny, imagine how times are for dusty dudes like myself.

Benny The Butcher is just as consistent as his home football team. Every year, he has managed to release a project or two, a few solid singles, and outstanding guest appearances. Soon, expect Benny to release another Black Soprano Family mixtape. How do I know that it will be coming out soon? Because the lead single off it, “Times Is Rough,” hit streaming services today.


Few things get me more hyped than hearing a DJ Premier beat. In “Times Is Rough,” Benny, Heem B$F, and Rick Hyde are served with a cartoonish one. The great thing is this: The three MCs drop outstanding verses that are full of lofty punchlines, flawless flows, tons of animation, and trill lyrics in the song. It’s impressive how easy s**t sounds for them frfr.

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