Staying Alive

DJ Khaled (Ft. Lil Baby & Drake)

DJ Khaled’s first single features two of the hottest rappers in the game.

DJ Khaled has the greatest joker card in sports. The relationships that he has been able to build have allowed him to hit the top of the charts whenever he wants to. Right when you thought that 2022 was yours, DJ Khaled decided to drop “Staying Alive,” a track that features Drake and Lil Baby.


“Staying Alive” is jam-packed with a bunch of different sounds. The hook (which is sung by Drake) has a smooth and infectious sound, while both Drake and Lil Baby hit us with rap verses that straddle the line between gritty and sly masterfully. The two styles merge with the song’s purpose perfectly: To stay focused in the midst of adversity. All in all, “Staying Alive” is a certified hit.

Give “Staying Alive” by DJ Khaled, Drake, and Lil Baby a shot below.

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