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Jesse Maxwell Airs His Grief on “outspoken”

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Jesse Maxwell

A R&B tune that reflects bitterness with soul and pop vibes.

Toronto, Canada-based musician, Jesse Maxwell, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. In just three years, Maxwell has gained notoriety in the music scene, reaching more than one million streams on Spotify. Additionally, his songs are regularly played on radio stations throughout Canada. These unique creations have earned him “a well-deserved reputation as a prolific, deeply lyrical storyteller and a distinctively compelling voice in modern soul.” Regarding his music, Maxwell says, “my songwriting style is pretty introspective. It’s about breaking down these walls of judgment that I had for myself.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Jesse Maxwell’s latest drop is the neo-soul single “outspoken.”

Smooth and soulful R&B makes “outspoken” angsty and reflective of deep heartbreak. There are even elements of pop and soul woven into every syllable. Lyrics like “Sour in your soul and I’ve tasted it, and we’re departed /It ends before we even get started” and “It’s him you think of when your heart hardens in two. When it’s no longer me and you” explore the grief of romantic separation. At the same time, it discusses losing the one you love to someone else. What person can’t relate to that at some point in life? However we may feel, we know we are not alone, at least. Maxwell’s latest creation wonderfully embodies all the emotions of a broken heart. We can’t imagine having a breakup playlist without this relatable breakup tale on it. So, stream Jesse Maxwell’s “outspoken” to understand how much we keep inside when it comes to love.

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