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Best Friends (Remix)

The Weeknd (Ft. Summer Walker)

“Best Friends (Remix)” arrives on a summer weekend (I’m such a great writer!).

I am unfriending all of the people that think that Dawn FM is mid. In my opinion, it’s easily one of the best albums of the year. I will say this, though: “Best Friends” is one of the tracks from the project that didn’t quite catch my attention. This weekend, the Weeknd decided to release a revamped version of “Best Friends” that Summer fans will love.

On social media, The Weeknd said that Summer Walker “carried” this remix to “Best Friends;” I say she fit right in. Her high-pitched/passionate vocals and honest lyrics about shutting down friends with benefits recommendations match the song’s 80s-drama-like instrumental and The Weeknd’s sly contributions. Like, Summer really turned this s**t into a denial song.

Give “Best Friends (Remix)” a shot below.

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