Stars Are Falling

Darius & Finlay (Ft. Lotus & Boy Meets Girl)

A dance single with pop, electric, and nostalgia plugged in.

The Austria and Germany-based team, Darius & Finlay, is a DJ & EDM project known for its tours across Europe. In addition to performing in Germany, Spain, Poland, and Switzerland, they’ve also worked support acts for well-known artists; these include David Guetta, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, and Steve Aoki. Darius & Finlay have reached more than 155 million views on YouTube, more than 210 million streams on Spotify, and won Austria’s Amadeus Music Award. There music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. For Darius & Finlay’s newest dance single, “Stars Are Falling,” they teamed up with artists Lotus and Boy Meets Girl.

Dance-ready beats are not enough of a description to explain this romantic hit. It’s also a pop song with an explosive center that oddly suits the title of a supernova. “Stars Are Falling” is wild, upbeat, and so energetic that it will make you bang your head over and over again. Lyrics like “Night falling, I’m falling/Waiting for a star to fall and carry your heart into my arms” and “Be in the moment now, wanna feel your love/I see your name in the sky” give us 2010’s nostalgia with their declarations of love. We could see this playing as the hit song to a Pixar movie with the characters dancing under a meteor shower. This electrifying, yet dreamy creation will take you on a truly out-of-this-world trip. So, press play on Darius & Finlay’s “Stars Are Falling” to experience the magic of this world-bending pop song.

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