Bodboy (EP)

Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda probably isn’t a top 5 rapper in the game, but I do like his persona!

One of the coolest movements in hip-hop was the ‘Free Bobby Shmurda’ movement. The support that the New York rapper received while he was locked up was actually astonishing. Since being released from jail, Bobby has released a bunch of songs. While none of them is even close to being as good as “Hot N***a,” his energy on the mic is still on 1000.


The best thing about this album is the artwork attached to it. That s**t is funny, gangsta, and so New York all at the same time. As for the music on the album, respectfully, it’s mid. As I stated earlier, Bobby definitely comes with the energy; I just feel his raps sound a little elementary. Nonetheless, the beats on the album hit hard, the gangsta talk comes early and often, and the borderline club bangers are there.

Give Bodboy a shot below (You probably want to avoid “Hoochie Daddy”).


1. Whole Brick

2. From the Slums

3. Hoochie Daddy

4. Gorilla

5. No Sense

6. Glock Inside (Ft. Fat Tony)

7. R S N

8. Bodmon

9. On God (Ft. Rowdy Rebel)

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