Trippie Redd Recruits Offset & MoneyBagg Yo For “Big 14”

Trippie Redd sounds like a zombie in this song.

Big 14

Trippie Redd (Ft. Offset & MoneyBagg Yo)

Trippie Redd sounds like a zombie in this song.

For years, Trippie Redd has been saying “Big 14.” It’s obvious that the phrase means something dear to him. A few years after hitting the music scene for the first time, Trippie finally decided to give his favorite phrase its own anthem.


I don’t hate this song, but I do think that it’s a little weird. For starters, I don’t know if I can get jiggy with Trippie’s style being mixed with Offset and MoneyBagg Yo’s styles. I also think the song sounds a little too sluggish at times (Especially during Trippie’s verse at the end). I will say that I think Trippie shows out on the chorus and I absolutely love how Offset slides into the song. All in all, this is an acquired taste song that might take a few spins to click with you.

Trippie needs this song to stick.

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