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NEVE Is Over “Modern Romance”

Modern Romance


A pop gem that explores how relationships have changed over time.

Musical creative, NEVE, is a singer and songwriter from Ireland who has long loved pop music. This artist has been passionate about pursuing her dreams of being a performer for as long as she can remember. Somehow, those dreams helped her get to where she is today. Within her music, NEVE’s goal is to help her listeners “understand some of your own emotions that you couldn’t quite articulate yet, or just make you feel like a bad b****.” She focuses on emphasizing emotion and power to help her listeners find themselves, especially women. She has a lot of love for self-love, empowerment, and everything in between. Her previous work includes singles “Not Like This” and “guy friends.” These songs and more are available on Spotify and YouTube. NEVE’s latest drop is the pop single, “Modern Romance.”

If you love Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Demi Lovato, I guarantee you will love this new nostalgic-modern star. “Modern Romance” is all about the 21st century’s exploration of love, and it provides a compelling storyline. Lyrics like “When did our senses overload? Ahh, ahh, so disposable. We ain’t got time to get to know” and “Intimate but through the phone. Can’t connect with our clothes on, I don’t know how to love like this” explore the frustrations and struggles that come from modern relationships. Like I said before, this is 21st-century pop music and modern issues combined into one song. Everything is upbeat, danceable, and bright, even the darkest sections. This latest work is the perfect blend of carefree fun and a relatable, honest message regarding love. So, stream NEVE’s “Modern Romance” to get an old, familiar taste of what that might be like for you.

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