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Trench Baby Recruits Polo G & G Herbo For “Invite Only”

Invite Only

Trench Baby (Ft. Polo G & G Herbo)

The three rappers throw serious temper tantrums in this song.

Trench Baby is yet another rapper from Chicago, Illinois that would probably shoot you in the face. How do I know this? Well, in his music, he practically says that he will. While Trench Baby isn’t quite a household name yet, he does have a few tracks on his resume that are doing well. Today, he decided to release a brand new song that features Polo G and G Herbo.


Once you press play on “Invite Only,” you will be greeted with a murderous beat, aggressive deliveries, and violent lyrics that would make Suge Knight shake. While Trench Baby actually sounds the angriest in the song, Polo and G Herbo choose to kill with precision and slyness. All in all, “Invite Only” isn’t for the weak at all.

Listen to “Invite Only” below.

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