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Mak Ro Makes a Splash with “Sip”


Mak Ro

A pop-filled love song that revolves around the summertime.

Memphis, TN-based music team, Mak Ro, is a musical duo made up of Filipino-American cousins, Eric Makapugay and Kristoffer Ruaro. Makapugay serves as the producer and one of the songwriters, while Ruaro is the singer and fellow songwriter. The pair’s unique style combines a variety of genres and is described as “a soulful sound with influences from R&B and rock music.” Together, Mak Ro has released 14 songs since their initial debut back in 2019. They enjoy finding their niche in every genre with each new release. Mark Ro’s varied discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Their latest drop is the pop track “Sip,” a summery single that marks their sixth song release this year.

By sounding chill, yet pop-infused, “Sip” provides plenty of carefree and summertime vibes. The two combine into something sweet, like the lemonade you’ll sip on while listening. Lyrics like “Crack me open like a cold one, you been acting like you want just a sip, but baby I know ya” and “We can meet in California, heard the weather’s really nice in LA” turn up the heat. At the same time, Mak Ro works to make us fall in love with not just them, but summer too. There’s nothing quite as wonderful or sun-soaked as this playful soundscape. So, stream Mak Ro’s “Sip” while you sip on your drink to learn about summer love.

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