BurnMyTroublesAway - WhereDoWeBegin!



Intense vocals and hype melodies in an emo rap song.

BurnMyTroublesAway is the musical project of a Texas-based artist. It’s hard to find a lot of information about him, and he confessed that he likes this mysterious aspect. In an interview, BurnMyTroublesAway explained that music was his dream ever since he was a child, but he never had much support from his family. XXXTENTACION, Billie Eilish, JuiceWrld, Muse, and Audioslave are his big influences; as a result, they all inspired the emo/rap music he loves to make. All of BMTA’s work is available on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. His newest hit is the strong, personal hit, “WhereDoWeBegin!”

It’s easy to be dragged into “WhereDoWeBegin!”, and I mean that literally. We can see that BurnMyTroublesAway puts a lot of himself in the song; however, we find it to be a mix of classic and modern hip-hop, and it is endearing. According to the artist, it’s about “repercussions of heartbreak, what it can lead to and how to begin retelling where heartbreak has taken me.” The melody has powerful, strong, and well-arranged beats. The combination between the lyrics and the melody gives a feeling of overcoming something that was painful. But, the singer is left standing at the end, a message that some should hear from time to time. How else would we continue as people? So, stream BurnMyTroublesAway’s “WhereDoWeBegin!” to find out where your starting point is in life.

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