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Kandi & Tiny Reply To dvsn With “If U Get Caught”

IMG via YouTube

If U Get Caught

Kandi & Tiny

dvsn done f**ked it up for all of the so-called playas of the world.

I’m sure dvsn thought that they were doing all the men of the world a favor by releasing “If I Get Caught;” instead, the song created a debate between cheaters and non-cheaters. While the OVO duo has already gotten their fair share of slander on Twitter for the track, Kandi and Tiny have attempted to bury them for good with the release of “If U Get Caught.”


“If U Get Caught” is the coldest f**king diss track I’ve heard this year. Over the unorthodox “If I Get Caught” beat, Tiny and Kandi hurl out lyrics that bluntly suggest that women should leave their men if they get caught cheating. While I am not a big fan of the vocals that the women hit us with, I do love the fearlessness shown.

Bruh, nobody in the studio told dvsn that this song should’ve been shelved?

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