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Spirit Pure Makes Daydreaming “Easy”

spirit pure easy


Spirit Pure

Bedroom pop with synthesizer beats and sultry vocals.

Spirit Pure is a pop duo formed by Jeff Engelmann and Sal Plant. The project first started during COVID lockdown when the pair began writing songs together over Zoom. It seems like a strange way to work on music, and both artists agreed in the beginning. “At first, we didn’t know how playing and writing music through Zoom would work, but soon we found a great rhythm and started to write material,” said Sal. Jeff has another project, Quiraing, where he focuses on ambient music. Sal, on the other hand, performs in various projects like American Wolf, an electro-pop band. As for Spirit Pure itself, they are heavily inspired by bedroom pop and dream pop music. Their work is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Spirit Pure’s debut single is the light song, “Easy.”

“Easy” is… well, easy. It contains nostalgia and a lovely message that goes down smoothly. The dream pop aspect takes us back to the 80s and reminds me of something that might play in a musical. According to Sal, the song “is ultimately about romanticizing the past or future, and always feeling that your current state is never good enough.” Surely, that’s a familiar feeling to many listeners, which makes this an easily relatable hit. With its synthesizer beats, the song brings a strong dreamy, but melancholic feeling. It can help you dive into your daydreams, but you won’t be there with someone else. So, press play on Spirit Pure’s “Easy” to learn what is and isn’t easy for you.

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