When It’s Just You & I

The Millennial Club

A nostalgic and romantic tale encased in dreamy pop vibes.

So-Cal-based music team, The Millennial Club, is an indie pop outfit that initially formed when Address Owens teamed up with Jared Ortiz. Owens is the singer and guitarist, while Ortiz plays the bass and keyboard. Later on, the duo was joined by Jake Stevenson, a guitarist and saxophonist. Their unique sound is described as a stunning combination of “dance-inspired 80s pop, beat-driven 90s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism.” The Millennial Club has opened for artists such as Conan Gray, Charlotte Lawrence, Hippie Sabotage, MOONZz, Katelyn Tarver, and Quinn XCII. Their impressive music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. The Millennial Club’s latest drop is the four-track EP When It’s Just You & I, which closes out with the titular song.

I get dreamy beats and an 80s U2-Africa vibe from “When It’s Just You & I.” There’s something about this hit that throws me back a few decades for a fun dance. This song instantly pulls you into its enchanting world with an ethereal soundscape that reflects love. Lyrics like “Girl you know you’re the one I want. It’s true. If you only knew what I’m prepared to do” and “All this time you’re the one I want. It’s true. Only heaven knows how long I’ll wait for you” ooze romance. There’s plenty of nostalgia intertwined with passion, which makes the listen worth the while. So, stream The Millennial Club’s “When It’s Just You & I” to learn what happens when you’re alone with this song.

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