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DaBaby Says He Has “Tough Skin” In New Single

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Tough Skin


I think DaBaby will win people over if he continues to make these kinds of tracks.

We all know what DaBaby has gone through these past couple of years. I don’t condone any of the bad s**t that he has done and said, but I do applaud him for continuing to stand tall and have a good spirit about him (It’s very easy to fall into depression in today’s world). In the North Carolina rapper’s latest single, “TOUGH SKIN,” he explains why he is so resilient.


In “TOUGH SKIN,” DaBaby is all over the place. In the hook, he sounds unchained and tumultuous, while in his verses, he comes across as subdued and reflective. What makes him sound extra bi-polar is the fact that he does his work over a beat that sounds pretty gentle.

In the music video to “TOUGH SKIN,” DaBaby relives the turbulent moments he had to go through as a child. He also shows himself attached to a cross like Jesus. S**t is interesting, to say the least.

Give “TOUGH SKIN” a spin below.

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