Makiah On the Inside

On the Inside


Self-love lyrics are what’s inside of “On the Inside.”

Makiah’s debut album, Growing Pains, is finally here! Throughout the project, he toys with everything from hip-hop to pop to indie. One of the best tracks from Growing Pains is “On the Inside.”

“On the Inside” is an easy-going pop/indie song with a catchy melody. The song will easily get stuck in your head. What makes “On the Inside” even better is the meaning behind it. Self-appreciation, enjoyment, and many other aspects of love are all part of this “get to know you” song. Makiah’s vocals are smooth and suit the important but subtle words. Lyrics like “It ain’t about the things that make me cool/It ain’t about the clothes or what I look like ’cause there’s more on me to show on the inside” talk simply about what matters at the end of the day. Obviously, the ultimate message is that everyone should practice and understand self-love. So, stream Makiah’s “On the Inside” to learn about how to love yourself, inside and out.

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