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Tyga Channels Lil Flip In “Sunshine” with Jhene Aiko & Pop Smoke


Tyga (Ft. Jhene Aiko & Pop Smoke)

Lil Flip makes an appearance in the music video to “Sunshine.”

Kids born after 2004 probably don’t know how big Lil Flip was. At one point, I can confidently say that he was an A-list rapper. Unfortunately, his prime didn’t last that long. I’m glad that, today, Tyga dropped “Sunshine,” a track in which he flips Flip’s classic track with the same name.


I’m not quite ready to say that this version of “Sunshine” is better than the original version, but I am ready to say that it is damn good.  I absolutely love how Tyga mimicks Flip’s cool demeanor rapping-wise in the song, doing everything in his power to come across as his girl’s Santa Claus. I also f**k with Jhene’s version of Lea’s hypnotizing hook and Pop Smoke’s gritty but nurturing verse. This is a damn-good remake.

How do you feel about all of these songs from the early 2000s being remade? Personally, I love it.

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