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YG Wants Him a “Toxic” Relationship

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There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a sidepiece, right?

YG represents the real ones of the world. Like, when he raps about some street s**t, I believe every word that comes out of his mouth. In “Toxic,” YG spits bars about loving a sidepiece that comes across as very genuine.


“Toxic” samples Mary J Blige’s “Be Happy” track from an eternity ago. Because of this and the way YG opens up the song singing his ass off, you would think that you’re listening to some monogamist s**t. Nah, buddy. “Toxic” is about putting your side chick in positions to succeed like Lebron puts his teammates in position to score. While he brings up your typical juicy s**t that goes along with such a situation, I love how he holds nothing back rapping-wise.

Give “Toxic” by YG a shot below.

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