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Brooklynn Skye Doesn’t Want To “Be Here”

Brooklyn Skye be here

Be Here

Brooklyn Skye

Brookyln gets us to dance and be in our feelings in “Be Here.”

Brooklynn Skye is a Chicago-based producer and artist. She has released her first two singles this year, starting off strong in post-pandemic times. Her music blends jazz, R&B, and soul into suiting melodies with smooth vocals. Brooklyn is often personable and somehow energetic at the same time, and it makes every song enjoyable. All of her work is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Brooklynn Skye’s second release is “Be Here.”

Unlike her first single, “Be Here” has an upbeat melody with some electronic influences. If “Take You There” is a more calm and intimate mood, her latest song is the dance beat you’ve been waiting for. It’s a song about being somewhere that you already know that you shouldn’t be. In a sense, it defies what you should be doing by putting you in an unfamiliar situation. Lyrics like “Sittin’ here thinkin ’bout what I’m gon’ do / I don’t think I should be around you / Kinda sick, the way I be feelin’ you,” talk about this discomfort. The song all comes back to its original pace, highlighting the message of taking things at your own pace. So, stream Brooklynn Skye’s “Be Here” to learn what it’s like to want to be somewhere very different instead.

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