Sweet Robbery

Oscar Webb

“Sweet Robbery” is Oscar Webb’s latest single.

Oscar Webb is an independent artist/producer from London. What I love about him is that he doesn’t limit himself to a single genre; he dabbles in PHONK, Rap, Drill, EDM, and more. What’s astonishing is that Oscar learned drumming at 7 years old and started producing his own music at 11 years old. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with fellow PHONK producers such as GODZILLA, Hxtta, and more.

Oscar’s latest single is “Sweet Robbery.” The song was created while Oscar Webb was traveling to South Africa. In total, it took 110 Hours and 52 minutes to create. The good news is this: You can tell that the track is high-quality. Not only does it boast a great blend of trap and electronic vibes, but it also boasts a great tempo, intoxicating synths, and a slyness that feels carefully composed. I highly recommend that you press play on this song.

Give “Sweet Robbery” a shot below.