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Patrice Kerner Asks “Who Wants to Party with Me”

Who Wants to Party with Me

Patrice Kerner

Patrice Kerner will make you dance like it’s 2099.

Patrice Kerner is an electro-live music player that has experience using loop station, MIDI piano, mandoline, and more. What you’ll love about the French-born, London native is that he enjoys fearlessly merging sounds together, creating concoctions that are truly unique. Patrice’s latest single is “Who Wants to Party with Me.”

“Who Wants to Party with Me” never lets up in electric energy. From the moment that you press play on the song, you will be greeted with an intoxicating tempo, futuristic elements, infectious vocals, and dance vibes. If played in the right setting, I think this song could turn venues upside down effortlessly.

Give “Who Wants to Party with Me” a shot below.

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