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Naomi Wild Says It’s All about “YOU + I”


Naomi Wild

A pop hit with feelings of soul and dreamy taste.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Naomi Wild, is a platinum artist and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. Her unique sound spans a wide range of genres, including dance, R&B, pop punk, rap, and pop. Wild’s song, “Higher Ground,” was featured on Odesza’s album A Moment Apart. Additionally, it was Grammy nominated for Best Dance/Electronic album. Wild also appeared on MGK’s album Hotel Diablo for “Glass House,” “Death In My Pocket,” and co-wrote the song “I Think I’m OKAY.” Her impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Naomi Wild’s latest drop is the pop single “YOU + I.” The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

Wild’s pop becomes dreamy and almost ethereal in this new hit. “YOU + I” is perfectly placed to be a chilling, but emotional explosion. Lyrics like “Now you wanna check up like you used to, only ever show up when you need” and “Sh*t don’t ever add up, it ain’t equal. That’s how it goes when it’s two different people” explore relationship struggles. However, the underlying themes are darker than that and even express dislike of many different problems one may face in a relationship. Clearly, the artist has problems with the other person, but we aren’t here to tell her to fix them; she’s warning us to avoid them. With Wild’s buttery vocals, the new single is unquestionably stylish with just the right amount of darkness. So, press play on Naomi Wild’s new single to learn what could happen when it’s just “YOU +I.”

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