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noah. Does It All for Love on “Borderlines”



A heartfelt R&B single with plenty of soul.

Toronto, Canada-based musician, noah., is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter with some style. Though his first single only debuted this summer, noah. seems to have plenty of skill writing interesting pieces with various themes and even darker topics woven in. Between his cheery oversight and sadder background ideas, he has enough material to relate to almost everyone at some point. noah. has his work available on Spotify and provides updates on Instagram. His first ever single is the R&B tune, “Borderlines.”

R&B is classic, and that’s what we find in “Borderlines.” This song has plenty of soulful elements, but the overarching genre is strictly the kind of rap everyone loves. The track is modern and romantic enough to catch our attention, but classic enough to keep original R&B lovers interested. However, what’s most interesting is the love written in. Lyrics like “Our love has never been defined, ’cause you don’t wanna take the time. Just let me make you satisfied” and “I’m asking, can you stay the night? You know I put in overtime to show you what it could be like” are full of it. They offer heartfelt declarations from the artist to his love. noah.’s freshman release shows off his versatility and leaves us eager for what to come. So, stream noah.’s “Borderlines” to learn what it’s like to be on the fence of genre mixes.

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