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Anitta Calls On Missy Elliott For “Lobby”

IMG via Tidal



Anitta and Missy have to wash their mouths out with soap after making this song.

Anitta, Anitta, Anitta. I keep hearing her name everywhere I go. It’s clear that she is the next great thing in pop music. Today, the Brazillian singer did perhaps her most impressive move to date: She decided to call on Virginia legend Missy Elliott to help her make it to the finish line of her new single titled “Lobby.”


“Lobby” is the kind of jam that you would hear out of Dua Lipa. The song features an uptempo instrumental, dance vibes, and lyrics that will encourage you to get freaky in hotel lobbies. What Missy adds to the track is a swagatatic rap verse (I haven’t heard her rap in a while) in which she displays her freaky side. All in all, I think this song is a certified hit.

Give “Lobby” a shot below.

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