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Nicki Minaj Adds Roman To “Super Freaky Girl”

IMG via Tidal

Super Freaky Girl

Nicki Minaj

Roman is Nicki Minaj’s male alter ego.

I love it when Nicki Minaj chooses to experiment. Since she has such a boisterous and adventurous personality, you can expect the unexpected in her non-clout-based songs. Today, Nicki decided to release an even more dynamic version of her latest non-clout-based song, “Super Freaky Girl.”

You get a brand new verse out of Nicki.. I mean Roman in “Super Freaky Girl.” In it, she/he hits us with a high-powered verse that has her/him bigging up his/her YMCMB family and his/her platinum plaques. In my extremely humble opinion, this version of the song is better than the original.

Give “Super Freaky Girl (Roman Remix)” a shot below.

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