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J.I.D Calls On J. Cole For “2007”


J.I.D. (Ft. J. Cole)

This song just sounds like it should be the outro to J.I.D.’s new album.

Can you believe that J.I.D’s new album will release in about a week? I highly recommend that you put your PTO in now. To get us hyped for the upcoming project, J.I.D decided to release “2007,” a track that will make you fully understand his come-up story.


Brace yourself, there’s a lot attached to “2007.” Not only do you get verses from J.I.D in which he reminisces on how he got to where he is today, but you also get a long soliloquy from his father, some bars from Ibrahim Hamad, several beat switches, and words by J. Cole that champion J.I.D.’s work ethic. This song is clearly the Atlanta rapper’s “Last Call.”

Compared to this come-up story, my come-up story is wack.

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