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Listen To “Spaceships On A Blade” By Larry June

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Spaceships On A Blade (Album)

Larry June

Larry Legend continues to show out.

Do you know how I learned about Larry June? An Uber driver was playing his music and told me that he was one of the wisest rappers out of the west. Ever since then, I’ve been paying attention to Larry’s moves. Today, he decided to release Spaceships On A Blade, an album that features guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Curren$y, Wallo267, and more.


As impressive as the guest features are on this album, I think the production is even better. Throughout Spaceships On A Blade, you will hear beats by Cardo, DJ Khalil, Jake One, Chuck Inglish, and The Alchemist. S**t, I can do damage if you hooked me up with geniuses like that.

Give Spaceships On A Blade a shot below.

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