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Roman Sotam’s Been “Movin” Along


Roman Sotam

A hip-hop track with R&B and country elements.

Musical creative, Roman Sotam, is an artist who is looking to redefine hip-hop. His style is a mix of a few genres but focuses on rap and R&B mostly to create a fusion sound that will change the limits of everything. Some of Roman Sotam’s previous releases include tracks like “Way That I Was,” “Good Life,” and “Been That.” His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Most recently, Roman Sotam teamed up with fellow creator Spencer Logan for the 2022 hip-hop single, “Movin.”

Most hip-hop songs don’t go for uplifting, inspirational, and romantic all at once; however, “Movin” provides all of this and more. It’s all about becoming yourself, coming into your own, and finding the perfect person to teach and love. Lyrics like “Imma prove ’em all wrong. Can’t stop, won’t stop; baby, I’ve been moving. Next stop to the top, show you how to do it” and “We been headed to an island in the sky and we’re the pilots. Where music is the drug and we’re supplying” offer all this up. It contains the perfect amounts of motivation and lightheartedness to make us all move with excitement. With all of these great pieces falling into place, Sotam’s single is a great listen for anyone in need of a mood boost. So, press play on Roman Sotam’s “Movin” to get yourself going with the lyrics.

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