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Tyra Chantey Lets The Color “Yellow” Shine


Tyra Chantey

An Afrobeats track with passionate vocals and R&B elements.

Stockholm, Sweden-born artist, Tyra Chantey, is an R&B ‘it girl’ in the making. The artist is semi-new to the scene with her first official single only dropping in 2019. Even with her recent start, Chantey has an extensive musical background to help back up her artistic abilities. Her journey first began when she was offered a spot in the “Tensta Gospel Choir” as a teen. From there, she’s grown into a powerful solo singer. Chantey’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Her newest hit, “Yellow,” is her first single release of 2022. 

When we think of pain, it’s dark and gritty, lacking any color. For Chantey, it’s the exact opposite; she sees it all as yellow instead. With an upbeat sound that still puts us in the mood for an emotional breakdown, “Yellow”  takes us through life’s highs and lows. The instrumentals help to provide a dream-like essence that makes you question, “is this a lucid dream?” Chantey’s voice is strong but is still able to bear vulnerability. Overall, “Yellow” is a song that has two different faces. It’s sure to help carry us out of hot girl summer and into sad girl fall. So, stream Tyra Chantey’s “Yellow” during those sunny and rainy days for every type of emotion.

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