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La’Monte Flexes His Vocal Skills In “Find Your Love”

Find Your Love


In his search for love, La’Monte messed around and made a hit!

La’Monte is is an up-and-coming musician from Philadelphia that blends modern R&B vibes with vintage R&B vibes magically. In other words, regardless of your age, you will find a way to groove to one of his songs (I promise it). La’Monte’s notable releases are “Let’s Find Time To Go” and “Girl.” His latest release is the hella smooth “Find Your Love.”

The first thing that stands out to me about La’Monte is the production that he chooses to do his work over. His music tends to feature vintage The Neptunes-Esque instrumentals. I even think the way La’Monte nimbly and gently lays his vocals down is Pharrell-Esque. With that being said, our hero does find a way to shine in his own unique ways in “Find Your Love.” Throughout the song, he does a fantastic job of blessing us with spellbinding melodies, gentle/pleasant vocals, and most importantly, lyrical content that does a phenomenal job of putting the beautiful women of the world on a pedestal. All in all, “Find Your Love” will make you dance, make you want to treat your partner better, and make you want to hear more from La’Monte.

Give “Find Your Love” by La’Monte a shot below.


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