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BOKN & Landstrip Chip Believe That You’re “TRULY SPECIAL”


BOKN X Landstrip Chip

An ultra-sweet pop gem that will warm your heart.

Hoboken, NJ-based music team, BOKN, is a musical duo made up of former high school classmates Anthony “Breakaway” White (producer and songwriter) and Jodi Ray Tolomieri (singer and songwriter). The band’s name pays homage to the city where all their songs are written and recorded. Two of BOKN’s biggest influences are Michael Jackson and blink-182. Their unique style boosts wonderfully infectious pop melodies that are truly memorable. For their latest creation, “TRULY SPECIAL,” BOKN teamed up with East Atlanta-born rapper and songwriter Landstrip Chip.

With a lighthearted backdrop of uplifting instrumentals, “TRULY SPECIAL” provides the perfect feel-good soundscape for its romantic reflection of love. Lyrics like “my lips just kissed an angel, It’s more than just a crush. And I’m simply more than grateful” and “From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew” give off plenty of ultra sweet vibes. Providing plenty of heartwarming moments, BOKN and Landstrip Chip’s new collab is one memorable creation you won’t want to miss. So, press play and let the words of the artist’s new tune make you feel “TRULY SPECIAL.”

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