We Are Not Them (Album)

Jthurston & Joyrizer

“We Are Not Them” doesn’t have a single miss.

Jthurston and Joyrizer both have an ear for music that is outstanding. With that being said, if you are a hip-hop fan, you should be ecstatic that the two musicians decided to link up for the eight-track project called We Are Not Them.

The beats knock and the raps hit hard in We Are Not Them. Throughout the project, Joyrizer does a fantastic job of hooking JtHurston up with beats that straddle the line between gritty, soulful, and action-packed. Jt does a great job of meeting the beats at the rim with competitive bars, absolutely sturdy flows, and verses that are thought-provoking.

If you only have a few minutes, here are the four songs from this EP that you need to listen to: “Raise The Bar,” “Goose,” “Campaign,” and “Blurring Lines.” Really, I recommend that you listen to the whole project.

Check out We Are Not Them below.


1. Raise the Bar (Ft. Outer Stace)

2. Goose

3. Eclectic

4. Love Is Gone (Ft. Mvlcolm)

5. Campaign

6. Blurring Lines

7. Einstein (Ft. Sineo)

8. Wait With Me


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