Fainters Have Become The “Waterfall”

Fainters are close to the edge with this new single.



Fainters are close to the edge with this new single.

Fainters are a new musical duo ready to take center stage. The group is composed of Romanian music producer Vlad Mazarel and Scottish singer/songwriter Daniel Healy. Though they already have music-making experience, “Waterfall” is their debut single as a group. They are ambitious and quite ready to share with listeners what they have to offer.

Fainters do a really good job of deceiving the listeners at the beginning of “Waterfall.” Hearing the intro, you will definitely be under the impression it’ll be a nice acapella pop track. As it progresses, though, you start to inch closer to a surprise explosion of fireworks. I think the chorus is what really shows the song’s full potential. Once the chorus drops, it feels like you’re diving straight down into a “Waterfall”. It’s filled with an edgy electronic yet hard rock sound. Definitely a song I’d play in the background while I am aggressively chopping wood.

Listening to the song’s composition, you can tell that the duo takes inspiration from artists like Imagine Dragons and Awolnation. Lyrics like “She makes me lose my mind” and “I feel the pressure building. It’s about to blow” show this is a song about passion and reaching the climax of a cat and mouse game. So, give “Waterfall” a listen down below but try not to become one yourself.

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