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The Violet Nines Got Us “Dancing with Fire”

Dancing with Fire

The Violet Nines

The perfect feel-good danceable vibe.

Minneapolis, MN-based alternative rock group, The Violet Nines, is a vibrant band made up of musicians Hayley Lewis (vocal lead), Nick Eagon (guitar), Austin Kurtz (drums), Benjamin Cline (keys and saxophone), and Delon Smith (bass). Their unique style fuses elements of funk, rock, and R&B for an ear-pleasing pop sound that’s truly unforgettable. The group has been described as “Smooth and sensual but also confident and commercial; the pitch-perfect between chart territory and a more interesting, more underground roots world.” The Violet Nines’ latest drop is the alternative single “Dancing with Fire” and its accompanying official video.

With a fun and infectious fusion of genre styles, “Dancing with Fire” offers up funky beats, soulful guitar play, and feel-good pop moments to complement its lighthearted reflection. Lyrics like “Just a spark is all it ever takes; now I can’t breathe. She is smoking up the place” and “I don’t know if she’ll ever change, the truth is I don’t really care either way. She draws me in with a warm embrace, but I can’t stay away” will draw you in and tempt you to dance amongst the flames. With a wonderfully vibrant sense, The Violet Nines bring plenty of passion and good vibes to their latest single. So press play and crank up the heat with “Dancing with Fire.”

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