Lost With Me

Amber McIntosh

Smooth melodies and soulful vocals in a nostalgic pop-country song.

After debuting with “Painted Me Grey” last year, Australian singer and songwriter, Amber McIntosh, has released her second single, “Lost With Me.” Amber discovered her love for the stage as a young girl. Back in 2018 and 2019, she spent most of her time touring through Northern Territory, Western Queensland, and Queensland’s East Coast. That’s actually where the inspiration for “Lost With Me” came from.

Released in late July, “Lost With Me” is Amber’s newest single. With a smooth melody and soft vocals, the song is emotional and brings on a nostalgic feel. With lyrics like “I left my heart / I left my soul out there on the open road / got used to living free / no one tying me down,” she talks a lot about the freedom she felt on the road. Through her lyrics, Amber manages to talk deeply about her own experiences, coming across as extremely relatable.

Press play and give “Lost With Me” a chance below.