Hunter Moreau Be Alright

Be Alright

Hunter Moreau

Mellow vocals and captivating melodies in a pop song.

American pop singer and songwriter, Hunter Moreau, is an up-and-coming independent artist. Moreau started releasing her own songs in 2019. Her debut song, “Drive Slow,” has a slow, catchy melody with peachy vocals; she’s relied on the same vibes since. So far, Moreau has only released four singles. However, she’s achieved over 40k monthly listeners on Spotify. Through songwriting, she shows a vulnerable side while empowering her listeners to step out of their comfort zones. Hunter’s work is meant to be comforting while forcing people to take chances. All of her songs are available on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Hunter Moreau’s newest hit is the empowering “Be Alright.”

“Be Alright” is as captivating as it is sweet. Verses like “Made some mistakes but they’re pretty.” and “I know my mom worries but I’ll be alright” will come across as relatable to teens and young 20-year-olds. The mistakes we all make when we are young help us grow; still, we’ll get through them. The song has a smooth, danceable melody that’s easy to get stuck in your head. Moreau’s voice is a mellow tone that suits the easygoing flow. You’ll have the song on repeat most of the time because of how inspiring it is.

According to Moreau, she “wrote this song as a reminder to try and find some light in the moments that seem to have none. Because you’ve been alright before and you will be alright again!” So, dive into Hunter Moreau’s “Be Alright,” and remember that you will come out on top again.

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