I Did Drugs For You

Rook Monroe

A fusion of genres makes “I Did Drugs For You” special.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Rook Monroe is a masterful singer and songwriter. He co-wrote Rihanna’s acclaimed single “Desperado,” and has a Grammy nomination under his belt. After a two-year hiatus, Monroe popped back with new singles to show off, including “Lightning In A Bottle.” His work is often described as “laid back,” but he almost always incorporates interesting elements; these can be anything from instrumentals to images. Rook Monroe’s newest hit is the relaxing hit, “I Did Drugs For You.”

In this track, Monroe maintains a cool tone of voice that’s comparable to artists like Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy. Meanwhile, the rest of the song offers entrancing and romantic elements. With lyrics like “I see the reflection of the earth in your eyes” and “I get beside myself, sometimes It’s like a work of art,” it’s pretty easy to paint the picture of Monroe’s meaning. Additionally, the background sounds are mesmerizing, giving a ‘floating on clouds’ vibe to show the effect of the drugs he’s done. There’s also a mix of live production and studio beats that make the song unique (They contain indie/alternative sounds with a sprinkle of pop). I think this is the perfect hit for late-night slow dancing or driving around with friends. So, hit play on Rook Monroe’s “I Did Drugs For You” to see love in another form.