Peanuts (Album)


Historically, Logic has been a beast at picking beats.

Logic retired then unretired quicker than Tom Brady. I never understood why he wanted to walk away from the game. In my opinion, Logic is just slightly past his prime but still very respectable on the mic. Anywho, today, the Gaithersburg rapper decided to return to the music scene in a way that is different from what you are used to…

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Logic does no rapping on this album; instead, he dishes out more beats than Aaron Donald. So, what kind of beatmaker is Logic? A solid one. Peanuts features tough-ass beats that would’ve knocked like hell in the early 90s. Like, if Ice Cube spit bars over the beats on this album, I would be a happy camper. S**t, if Q from Juice had a couple of these beats on his set, he would’ve won that DJ contest in a landslide. This is some solid s**t!

Listen to Peanuts below.