Bees Making Honey

Bad Flamingo

An alternative track with a sweet, sexy sting.

The mysterious musical group, Bad Flamingo, is a country-loving duo that likes the secret aspects of their music. While the pair tends to keep info about themselves pretty private on social media, they revealed a little of their process during an interview with Music Mecca. When I say mysterious, I mean mysterious. The artists are only known as “The One on the Left” and “The One on the Right.” They keep this act up constantly so as not to confuse their audience. The well-used Oscar Wilde quote, “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth,” is pretty self-explanatory in regards to the mask-wearing duo. Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Bad Flamingo’s latest drop is the alternative track, “Bees Making Honey.”

While “Bees Making Honey” provides groovy beats, it also sounds like it contains some synth or electric elements. Within the instrumental moments, there’s an additional layer of music that comes from something other than guitars or country sounds. However, the meaning remains strictly country. Lyrics like “Going back to the garden, the slopes and valleys are calling. Tennessee does it to whiskey, the moon does it to the sea” and “Clouds rolling all over the blue, I want the sun to see the shape that I make on you” are delivered with sensual vocals. And of course, the meanings are not lost on us. Bad Flamingo has given a honey-stung blend of noir alt-rock that manages to be both sultry and sugar-sweet. No matter which way you read it, it’s worth the listen. So, press play on Bad Flamingo’s “Bees Making Honey” to find the sweetness in nature.

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