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Too Much

Freddie Gibbs (Ft. MoneyBagg Yo)

“Too Much” is the first official single off “$old $old Separately.”

Say what you want about Freddie Gibbs and his antics, at the end of the day, he is a phenomenal artist. In my opinion, he has a few classic albums and several top-notch verses under his belt. Soon, Freddie will release $old $old Separately, his first album release in a while. To get us excited for it, the Indiana native decided to release “Too Much” with MoneyBagg Yo.

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“Too Much” is all about indulging in s**t that is both good and bad for you… Like Pop Tarts! The song is powered by a bass booming beat that has some giddiness attached to it. Freddie Gibbs and MoneyBagg Yo slide over the beat relying on fast-ass flows and chill demeanors. Overall, I think the song falls directly in line with the kind of music that I want to hear from Freddie.

Give “Too Much” a shot below.