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Liv Cartier Goes Home To “Clearwater Bay”

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Clearwater Bay

Liv Cartier

A hypnotic pop track that threatens the audience.

London/Manchester-based musical creative, Liv Cartier, is a singer and songwriter who loves the unique genres that few others touch. Cartier’s distinctive style shares a striking “dark brand of alternative pop” with her listeners. As a result, her music has been called “pop on a comedown.” Cartier’s impressive ability to drown her listeners in her mood helps us feel her songs that much more. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Liv Cartier’s latest drop is the moody but haunting pop single, “Clearwater Bay.”

“Clearwater Bay” is hypnotic without being overemotional. The intention is to have you missing the scenery that still haunts your dreams. Lyrics like “Sat by the water to gather up my thoughts. Will pull you under if you forget to smile” and “But I bought that house by the bay you like; the one that points south by the sea” offers an intimate sense of danger. However, the rest of the song doesn’t necessarily follow with the calming feelings. Instead, it includes sudden loud noises to put you even more off your guard. There is nothing about this hit that makes us feel safe, and we love it! So, stream Liv Cartier’s “Clearwater Bay” to determine how safe the bay really is for you.

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