Milo Maestro Is Getting "CURVED"


Milo Maestro

A slow vibes song with lofi elements that flirts with everyone.

Miami, Florida-born artist, Milo Maestro, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Milo first gained notoriety in his hometown for the making and sales of his song placements. Since then, however, he’s grown into an even more notable name. Maestro has worked with artists like Kash Doll, T-Pain, and Fantasia. Now, he’s based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is ready to further push his career into the limelight by releasing music. Of course, it’s all original and available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Maestro’s debut album release, THOUGHT PROCESS 5, contains a number of original pieces. The top song on this album is the mellowed-out “CURVED.”

“CURVED” introduces itself with chill beats that immediately set a relaxing vibe; it makes you feel like you’re stargazing. Maestro’s voice doesn’t come in hard; it’s ushered into the listener’s ears gently to keep the softness going. Overall, “CURVED” is a slow, pop-like song that has a lot of love. However, it does more than just flirt with its listeners. Lyrics like “Bend it over girl, I’m tryna see something” and “Hand on your back, can I put it lower?” show Maestro is looking out for a certain someone instead. With that said, I wish Maestro offered more depth to the lyrics. I can say the song paints a clear picture, but I wanted a little more from the other elements. Nonetheless, listen to Milo Maestro’s “CURVED” to find your own universal love.

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