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Odi Says You’re So “Divine”

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A heartfelt R&B track that oozes romance.

Rising musical creative, Odi, is an up-and-coming artist who loves R&B just as much as we do. While newer to the music scene, Odi has absolutely no problem showing off her power. Inspirational lyrics are only part of her incredible work. Her previous release is the 2021 single, “HOLD ME.” This, and future releases, will be available on Spotify and Apple Music. Odi’s latest drop is the R&B EP WHAT IS LOVE?, which features the track “Divine.”

“Divine” is exactly what its namesake suggests. This track is meant to be welcoming and inviting to love, an ode from Odi to her other half; along with all the boys she’s loved before. Lyrics like “Baby, I’ve been waiting for you lately. You’re my craving” and “Two souls intertwine. Baby, you are so divine. I love you for all that you are” deliver plenty of these declarations. We can’t let this song just pass, because it’s got the adoration and dedication that everyone needs from time to time. Odi’s new work is the perfect listen for any romantic-at-heart. So, press play on “Divine” to learn what it’s like to feel absolutely divine in someone else’s eyes.

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