Noah Way Back Home

Way Back Home


An electronic beat mix with a melancholic rhythm.

London-based singer and songwriter, NOAH, has debuted in the music scene by releasing three songs. Like many good artists, he uses music as a way to express himself and tell his story. According to NOAH, he’s just trying to be himself while navigating this world through the eyes of a transmasculine guy. His debut single, “What The Other Boys Do,” has a slow, emotional sense and lyrics where he vents about being a trans boy in a heteronormativity society. NOAH’s second release, however, titled “Who’s Laughing Now,” brings an energetic and danceable melody forward. Clearly, he is skilled at many different genres and rhythms. NOAH’s three current songs are available on Spotify and YouTube. His latest hit, “Way Back Home,” is the mix between slow and danceable.

“Way Back Home” starts with a low melody and vocals that focus on the lyrics and what’s being said. After the first minute, the melody becomes more present with electronic beats. Although based in England, NOAH is originally from Luxemburgo, and that’s what the newest song is about. The artist claims that this song “touches on the homesickness I experience on a daily basis, and doubles as a love letter to those whom I left behind when I moved here.” Verses like “Don’t know what I expected / I couldn’t be further from finding my way back home” will be relatable to anyone who has ever moved away from their hometown. So, stream NOAH’s “Way Back Home” to remember what it feels like to be away from the place you love most.